RTDNA announces 2019 John F. Hogan Award

RTDNA announces 2019 John F. Hogan Award

John Quinones
ABC NEWS – John Quiñones
(ABC/Lorenzo Bevilaqua)

RTDNA is pleased to award ABC News Anchor John Quiñones the 2019 John F. Hogan Award.

Named for the founder and first president of RTDNA, the award recognizes an individual’s contributions to the journalism profession and freedom of the press. Past recipients of the Hogan Award include Walter Cronkite, Belva Davis, Jorge Ramos and Pete Williams.

“Since the very beginning of his career as a local radio and television reporter, John Quiñones has covered key stories of national and international importance,” said RTDNA Chair Jerry Walsh. “He has added context and clarity, helping viewers better understand our neighbors and communities.”

Quiñones is the anchor of the thought-provoking, topical and insightful, “What Would You Do?” and during his 35 year tenure at ABC News, he has reported extensively for all programs and platforms and served as anchor of “Primetime.”

He has won seven Emmy Awards, a World Hunger Media Award and a Robert F. Kennedy Prize.

While Quiñones was covering the Chilean miners’ disaster in 2010, he was the first journalist out of thousands to get an exclusive interview with the first survivor (Mario Sepulveda). Quiñones has extensively covered a religious sect in Northern Arizona that forces its young female members to take part in polygamous marriages.

Through his reporting, Quiñones revealed how clinics performed unnecessary surgical procedures as part of a major nationwide insurance scam; he followed along with a group of would-be Mexican immigrants as they attempted to cross into the U.S. via the treacherous route known as “The Devil’s Highway”; and he traveled to Israel for a CINE Award-winning report about suicide bombers.

His award-winning reporting also includes anchoring a critically acclaimed ABC News special entitled “Latin Beat,” focusing on the wave of Latin talent sweeping the U.S., contributing reports to ABC News’ unprecedented 24-hour, live, global Millennium broadcast and covering political and economic turmoil in Argentina and civil war in El Salvador. During the 1980s, he spent nearly a decade in Nicaragua, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras and Panama reporting for “World News Tonight.”

Quiñones joined ABC News in June 1982 after serving as a reporter with WBBM-TV, a news editor at KTRH radio and an anchor-reporter for KPRC-TV.

He will be presented with this year’s John F. Hogan Award on Friday, September 6th at Excellence in Journalism 2019 in his hometown of San Antonio, Texas. Learn more, register for the conference and purchase tickets to the reception following the awards presentation at excellenceinjournalism.org.